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Monthly Archives: June 2012

…for business (and personal)  telephone conversations… in business, we all have those people we have to smile while talking to, even if it is a fake smile…so they cannot hear the tone of the aggravation.

One thing I learned years ago was  to be aware of is that phones do not immediately disconnect when you think you have hung up, especially older land-line phones with hand to ear receiver… I remember talking to an especially irritating advertiser, who had called to complain about one of my sales reps who wouldn’t do what the advertiser of those “I deserve better special deals than everyone else” people.

After I spent 10 minutes explaining that we could not do what he asked, and offering him some other pacifying options, we came to somewhat of an agreement…and… then I said “have a nice day…”  hung up, or at least thought I did, and said “YOU JERK!” which he of course heard.   Lesson learned, anything bad you have to say, say it in your head!  Sort of funny, in an, OH NO DID I JUST DO THAT way.

I will be sharing some stories and more tips – some mistakes and missteps, things I learned, sometimes the hard way, through the years.  Hope it helps some of you avoid making the same mistakes, and gives some insight and tips on how to do business with people day in and day out.


I write some blogs for some clients, so I decided to start one of my own.  Some random thoughts and stories about business, people I have met and dealt with, and life in general.

I always wanted to write, maybe not quite aspiring to “The Great American Novel”, but something of interest, some funny stories, some that seem unreal, and some that just “are.”

A lot of people have told me “you should write a book”, and this could be a start.

Thanks for stopping in…

People are really funny and sometimes do things that are so strange, I find I just cannot even answer or comment. Working with people, especially at restaurant settings provide a lot of humor and strange happenings.

Here is odd example; One of my clients is Raleighwood Cinema Grill, a movie theater and restaurant all in one, a great place.  If you are not familiar with the set up, there are both chairs at tables and chairs at a counter where you can eat your meal while watching a movie, if you have been there, then this will probably be funnier and mean more to you.

I happened to be there coordinating an event, when a staff member came in to kitchen and said a customer had his feet up on the counter… they had asked him to take them down, but he just put them back up again and again, and could I go and ask him to move his feet? ?

This falls under  the “I can’t believe he said that” category- I asked him softly if he could please take his feet off the counter, people were eating not far from him…he then said…wait for it…… well I took my shoes off!

Just one of the funny, weird things we run into when working at or around the public.

I’ll be sharing some more of these in the future.