We have probably all heard of Secret Shoppers and thought they were used mostly in big retail businesses. We have all heard of corporate spies! With face masks now common, everyone looks like a secret shopper.

They can be a valuable asset to a small business almost more than to the big corporations.

#SecretShoppers come in to your business, ask questions, try or buy your products or services, and report back to you, the business owner.  Just sending someone in and saying let me know what you think is not the way to do it – there are a series of questions a Secret Shopper should answer, so you, the owner, get the right info and feedback.  (I have a form with a great set of questions). The way you compensate and treat the Secret Shopper is also very important.

You want the info to actually help you if changes are needed – you want to see and experience what a customer does.  If you don’t use the info gathered properly, it was a waste of time and money to even use a Secret Shopper approach.

Secret Shoppers accomplish a few things, one of which is creating a new customer (the Secret Shopper) and a spokesperson.  If they enjoy their experience, after you give the OK, they will then tell other people firsthand about your business, and how they helped.

But – you do have to be prepared for potentially bad feedback.  When an owner or manager is on-site, staff – and their interactions with customers – are usually pretty different than when no one is watching over them.
Many owners say the info they got back was not helpful — because it was not what they wanted to hear, or it different from what they saw when they were on-site.  They then do not make any adjustments and, of course, say secret shoppers are waste of time.

What you do with the info is also extremely important – if you ignore what you do not like or want to hear, and do nothing, it will accomplish nothing.  Getting info to help fix small problems before they become BIG problems is so important to a small business, which typically does not have the luxury of waiting for things like the virus shut-downs and decrease in customers to get better, and go back to normal.  Face it, normal will NOT be the normal we used to have, it will be a #NewNormal – and businesses that adapt and get creative will survive it.

Secret Shoppers are just one of the creative and inexpensive ways to help increase your share of the limited budgets people now have to spend.  Don’t wait until it’s too late to help your business. You invested too much time, effort and money not to keep it going.

More ways to help keep your business afloat coming. Check out for info on our services.