Sometimes in life we have to learn to take disappointment and turn it around.

A group of us went on an Alaskan cruise hoping to see whales as well as the other beautiful sights to see in Alaska.  Blue Ice Bergs.  American Eagles.  Seals.  Waterfalls.  Quaint towns. Beautiful scenery.  Mountains. Assorted wildlife and so much more…but seeing whales or even one whale was at the top of the list for one person.  It was almost the end of the cruise and no whales.

Soooo…someone made it happen, almost  – and turned it into a funny situation.  The next to the last morning, we all  went out onto to the balcony… and saw THIS…  (our balconies were opened to each others).
A PICTURE of a Whale
from the cruise line’s information magazine was taped onto to the glass of one of the balconies!

Everyone had a good laugh and what was a disappointment became a shared highlight of the cruise.  It was much appreciated and a thoughtful thing to do.  We can always find a way to make someone feel good about a negative situation if we try.  We always say WE SAW A WHALE on our Alaskan cruise – it created a funny and unique memory for us all.