searchingEyesIt has gotten a lot harder to look for work or clients with the trend towards remote interviews, and outside HR departments.  Job posting sites are a help and a hindrance.  Companies get hundreds of resumes for each job they post, and a lot of them do not even fit the description of the job listed.  Yours can easily get lost in the myriad of applicants.  Interviews are rarely in person, and even though you see each other on a Zoom call, it is not the same as person to person.

How can one person stand out?  It may be time to do some of the old fashioned #it’swhoyouknow type of prospecting for work or clients.  Talk to people you know – talk to the businesses you patronize. They, or someone they know may need some help – and if they already know you, that’s half the battle.

Years ago, a friends daughter was in college and I was on the board of a charity – organizing a golf tournament.  As with most charities, we could use all the volunteer help we could find.  My friends brought their daughter, and she was such a great help that the non-profit wound up hiring her! She went on from there to do extremely well in her chosen field of social work.

Right now it’s hard to volunteer, most of the in-person events are on hold…but…you can still “talk” to people you know.   Emails keeping in touch, maybe a phone call to some, or on social media.  Mention to contacts what you are looking for, what type of job, or client, or even a service you need. Keeping you in their mind and working through referrals is still a great way to prospect and network.

Things have changed, and probably after the Covid lock downs are lifted life won’t go back to pre-covid norms, but we all have to adapt.  Doing nothing will get the only guaranteed result- NOTHING!