Businesses NEED to keep their web and social media presence information updated, current and correct. There is not way to actually calculate the number of clients or LOST CUSTOMERS due to mis-information or no current information available for your business.  

These days, it is safe to say that better than 60% of potential customers (NEW or REPEAT) check out a businesses website, google or YELP listing, and social media accounts.

This is just One Way a business can help customers find them, and Not go the Wrong Way – to another business!  

A few of us wanted to meet for lunch, and 4 restaurants were suggested. We went online and wanted to see what they offer – lunch menu, specials, wine & drink specials. 3 out of 4 did not have a way for us to check times, etc.

One website had a “link” to their lunch menu – only problem is it went to an order online form.

Another had a link to view lunch menu – HOWEVER – their website (and Facebook page) showed they did not open until 5pm Tuesdays thru Sundays- assume they are closed Mondays.

Another had a daily drink specials tab– 1/2 prices wines, daily drink of the day – yet when click through there was no mention of the specials – just a long list of beers, wines & cocktails.

Needless to say, we chose a different restaurant entirely than the first 4 suggested. So, although the restaurants did not know, or have a way of tracking it – they lost 4 customers that day, and probably in the future as well.

IF a business does not have the time, or want to, or know how to properly use their website, social media and online presence, they should consider hiring a professional. It saves time and money and will help a business maintain and grow.

Customers will not come unless they know what a business offers and when they are open. And remember, specials do bring in new people – especially if done right and people know about it!

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