It’s been a while since I have written, or even felt like writing. So much has happened over the past couple of years, beginning with Covid. Being locked down. Changes in most industries and people’s job and work sources, as well as how we work. Then life also got in the way and threw so many unexpected events.

I rarely post about personal things, but they do affect everything we do. Long story short, after covid, most of the clients I had suffered and either scaled back or closed. I took a remote job. My husband then was diagnosed with an incurable brain tumor, had surgery, was given a fairly good prognosis, we thought we had 1+ years, but within a few weeks after surgery, he passed away.

Life dramatically changed. I kept the job for a while, but found that full time, or as it turned out, more than full time was too much – I needed to take care of so many things – paperwork galore. Settling our affairs, which we thought we had done, but there are so many odds and ends, and items, issues that pop up – they can take a huge amount of time, and worse, at a time when you really almost cannot think straight or make major decisions. Plus having to do all the house related maintenance. I hardly had time to mourn.

Now I am at a point of having to decide what to do with my near future, let alone planning for the years to come.

A word of advice for anyone going through major life issues, be it medical, family or job related – take a breath and take time before you make any more life changing decisions; the amount of time needed is what YOU need, not what people, who mean well, think or say “it’s time to move on.”

It makes you realize HOW important family and friends really are to our lives and well being. Without them it would have been almost unbearable.

I will get back to writing some “how to’s” “funny business stories” and, from time to time, some advice on things I have learned throughout these trying times.