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The past few years have been “different”, to say the least! Covid affected just about everyone, many businesses suffered and closed, people lost their jobs. livelihoods -a lot of contract, independent and small business owners lost the entire business.

Marketing and advertising, especially in the restaurant and entertainment fields was almost at a standstill. I am one of many that have had to make changes.

A I tried to figure out what I wanted to do – personal tragedies hit. My husband was diagnosed with an incurable, very aggressive brain tumor, and unfortunately passed away. We also had some others in family dealing with illness and death.

Now I am faced with the very BIG change in my life. It puts things in perspective though. Losing work, job, career, while important, do not seem as important or as big a disaster as they did before this.

I have found who and what true friends I have – and my sons and family have rallied around to help, and keep me busy.

They say Life goes On – well, it does and it doesn’t. I have to go on. It’s not easy. There are so many issues to deal with, so may decisions, all while trying to deal with the grief. Life goes on for everyone around, and I have to respect that and their lives.

I am starting a sort of new career path- doing some recruiting and PR work for a good friend, Marti Hampton Real Estate. I am learning some new things, re-learning some things, and kind of starting over.

For anyone who knows me, I do not recommend (or sell) something I do not believe in. Marti’s plan for agents is a good one, her entire team is geared to helping each other, and new agents. There is so much support and team spirit. I hope I can help her grow even more, and continue to be so successful. 2023 is going to be a very different year for Realtors, the market has changed a lot and is continuing to evolve. Realtors need all the tools and support they can get.

If you, or someone you know is interested in finding out about her and her team, (either current agent or new agent) feel free to email me or call 919-232-9255 for more info – no obligation, no pressure. Just a lot of support, assistance, and information!

check out her websites – or

Wherever life takes you, embrace it. Let’s make 2023 a good year!