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Business people presenting their services or products say one of the hardest things is how to close the sale.

Sometimes wording can made the difference.   Try not to ask Yes or No questions.  MOST people will say No – at least at first.   But if you give them a choice that does NOT include NO, your odds of closing a sale, or at least getting enough info to close the sale greatly increase.

Asking their opinion is a good way to establish rapport, yes or no can be perceived as confrontational and pushy, and, of course, a NO ends the connection.  Sometimes trying to close a sale too quickly makes the potential buyer leery that they are missing some info and making too hasty a decision – or worse, making the wrong decision.

Take the “mom & cookies” scenario. kids ask – Mom can I have a cookie – without even processing the question – Moms say NO immediately, most of the time.  No question as to whether it is too close to a meal, or any reason why the child shouldn’t have the cookie.  Kids ask over and over, and always ask Why can’t I have a cookie?   – til Mom reacts 1 of 2 ways…  Because  I said NO!  or sometimes, for the lucky kids, an exasperated YES, OK all ready!  Either way Mom is a little annoyed.  And she probably had no reason or them NOT to have the cookie in the first place.  Same with business owners.  Yes or No sort of takes the person who has to answer out of the decision – a CHOICE makes them part of the discussion, and they feel they had the proper information to make decisions.  A YES is too scary, leaving them questioning the decision.  A NO seems to feel like you are not making a bad decision too fast, and without enough information.  But you could be passing up something good. Options are just that – options, and give you more time to think about a decision.

Does it work – what do you think?!   YES or NO 
(bet you aren’t sure how to answer, so most will say probably NO!) 

But if the question was – do you think doing A or B would be better for you?   You get info, the business owner gets to weigh 2 different options. They see you have solutions for them. And it is not as confrontational a meeting or phone call.  And with an option answer, they usually do not just say NO.

When trying to set up a meeting by phone, if you ask can we meet – odds are, you’ll get a NO.   But, if you ask, what is better for you, next Mon at 10am, or Wed at 2pm?  you stand a better chance of getting the appointment, if not at one of those times, possibly an answer would be – actually, Tues at 11am is better for me.

Try it – it can’t hurt.  Which would you prefer – a NO or an informational answer leaving the conversation open for more opportunities?  



MadMan (2)
So as salespeople and almost everyone in business has heard at least once – something you presented, proposed, planned got the reaction “It Didn’t Work” from your client.

Well, 99% of the time #ItDidn’tWork BECAUSE they did not follow it exactly or fully. When, as a business owner, you try to save $$, sometimes it winds up costing more or being a waste of the $$ spent.

Marketing, Advertising, Promotional and PR plans are called plans because they are not a ONE STEP ANSWER to increasing business. When a business owner doesn’t follow or implement ALL of the steps in a plan, it is NOT the plan that didn’t work – it’s the partial or incorrect execution of it that doesn’t give the results expected.

So, as a salesperson or consultant make sure you stress the importance of following your plan or program fully. IF the owner is not willing to do it right, then it is better for you to advise them NOT to do it in a partial, or pick and choose method. Because when it doesn’t work, you will get the blame.

And as an owner, if you are not open fully to the ideas, or do not have confidence in the plan or person….then don’t do it. There is no point asking for advice and then not following it or not following it fully. On the flip side, do not follow blindly, make sure the salesperson or consultant has a proven track record, has references and has a really good working knowledge of YOUR particular business and industry, not just their own product or plan.

DigustFaceNot following all the steps is like planning and preparing to serve a great dinner, then using the wrong ingredients or spices, or not cooking it at all and expecting it to be great.
It Doesn’t Work!

Owning and operating a business is hard, and sometimes it’s hard to spend money on a marketing and advertising plan or program that has no guarantees. Let’s face it though, there are NO GUARANTEES.

But, again if you do it right you can expect results. And if you do not do anything, most likely nothing will happen or change. Many businesses throughout the years have said “It didn’t work” – generally, they are no longer in business.

It’s like raising prices and wondering why your business isn’t making more money. 10-15% of existing customers are lost when prices go up, especially in the restaurant industry. If you cannot afford to lose them, or cannot generate enough new customers to replace and surpass that number, think about what effect raising prices will have.

There are better ways to increase sales and profits. Watch for next blog with some ideas and stories about small changes than can bring big results!

We have probably all heard of Secret Shoppers and thought they were used mostly in big retail businesses. We have all heard of corporate spies! With face masks now common, everyone looks like a secret shopper.

They can be a valuable asset to a small business almost more than to the big corporations.

#SecretShoppers come in to your business, ask questions, try or buy your products or services, and report back to you, the business owner.  Just sending someone in and saying let me know what you think is not the way to do it – there are a series of questions a Secret Shopper should answer, so you, the owner, get the right info and feedback.  (I have a form with a great set of questions). The way you compensate and treat the Secret Shopper is also very important.

You want the info to actually help you if changes are needed – you want to see and experience what a customer does.  If you don’t use the info gathered properly, it was a waste of time and money to even use a Secret Shopper approach.

Secret Shoppers accomplish a few things, one of which is creating a new customer (the Secret Shopper) and a spokesperson.  If they enjoy their experience, after you give the OK, they will then tell other people firsthand about your business, and how they helped.

But – you do have to be prepared for potentially bad feedback.  When an owner or manager is on-site, staff – and their interactions with customers – are usually pretty different than when no one is watching over them.
Many owners say the info they got back was not helpful — because it was not what they wanted to hear, or it different from what they saw when they were on-site.  They then do not make any adjustments and, of course, say secret shoppers are waste of time.

What you do with the info is also extremely important – if you ignore what you do not like or want to hear, and do nothing, it will accomplish nothing.  Getting info to help fix small problems before they become BIG problems is so important to a small business, which typically does not have the luxury of waiting for things like the virus shut-downs and decrease in customers to get better, and go back to normal.  Face it, normal will NOT be the normal we used to have, it will be a #NewNormal – and businesses that adapt and get creative will survive it.

Secret Shoppers are just one of the creative and inexpensive ways to help increase your share of the limited budgets people now have to spend.  Don’t wait until it’s too late to help your business. You invested too much time, effort and money not to keep it going.

More ways to help keep your business afloat coming. Check out for info on our services.

CrabA lot of people use the term marketing as interchangeable with advertising.  They are not the same thing.

Marketing is creating a NEED and want for your product or service, on an on-going basis, and increasing the sale of existing products.  I am sure there are other definitions that people use, but something from the past has always given me a clear view of it.

Some great examples of marketing from the past: (these may be true or may be one of many “urban legends” in the ad agency world, but did put things in a unique perspective):

  • Ad agencies were asked to present plan to market a personal care item that everyone already knew how to use  – ONE tiny word made all the difference – “REPEAT”   Shampoo directions were changed to say Lather, Rinse, Repeat. People now needed to buy it more often, thus creating more repeat sales and increasing revenues from an existing product.  All the other brands shortly followed adding Repeat to their directions,
  • Re Branding or Re-naming – the case of the Spider Crabs – although the taste was delicious, they were not selling very well when called Spider Crabs (along with a few species) and had to be sold at a low profit margin.  A creative person came up with the idea to call them King Crabs (re-branded product) changing Spider to KING – and King Crabs became the high end product it is now. Sales increased quickly.
  • Buzz and celebrity endorsements – getting stories out to the public about your product being used by Celebrities – or Influencers – as we now have!  Products were shown on TV shows as being used by the stars, not just in ads.   Companies gave stars samples of their products – when the public saw them, they wanted them too.   We now have podcasts, blogs, influencers on social media to help with this.  There are local influencers too.  Businesses should take advantage of these.
  • Impulse buy and Product placement – WHERE and HOW you display a product or position your service, can make all the difference. Seeing suntan lotion in bathing suit or outdoor sections, as well as the health and beauty area, create additional sales. This is why end-caps and cashier lines have products on display, and stores charge companies for visibility and product placement.  You have time to look at them, and think I could use that! Just putting a product out there is not always enough. In the huge pool of competition, you need to get your business, service or product noticed, and have it stand out among competitors.Future blogs will talk about Advertising (letting potential customers know what you offer, what it cost, where it is, etc). Promoting and cross-promoting. Creating new revenue streams. Turning slow times into income producing times. Product placement, perception and more. Low or no-cost options. Sales techniques. Plus some funny business and sales stories too.
    Check out

Tip for business owners: You are open and/or possibly struggling to stay open. It’s important, more now than ever, to make sure your info, links and public profile position your business, product or service in the right way, so customers can find you.
Don’t send potential customers to No-Where-Land!

Broken Links: Many businesses send out newsletters, tweet, or have social media presence, but links don’t always work or send people to the right location. Think about it like putting an address in your GPS, getting there and being told You Have Arrived...and it is an empty parking lot OR the GPS says Address Unknown.  That’s what a non-working or incorrect link is like in your newsletters, social media posts, and website.

People are pre-planning where they go, not as many are driving or walking by storefronts and businesses as pre-Covid. There is not as much foot traffic as in the past. They are checking online to preview a business, it’s hours, if any specials, and, most importantly IF they are even open.

You can search for info online, but not always get an answer or get the answer you are looking for  No one wants to drive somewhere only to find out it is closed, or their hours, products or services you need have been cut.  They check online – websites, facebook pages, tweets, yelp, etc.  If the info is not up to date or you get an error message, or links go to no-where-land, it is frustrating and many people give up and look for another place to take their business.

Many retail stores are closing brick and mortar locations and relying on online – this may be the new future of your business too…if you cannot be a strictly online business, you need to get people to your location, online and actually through your door.

Using the services of a person dedicated to that rather than an owner or staff who have their own jobs to do,  or just trying to post now and then, can be a huge asset to a business.  It is almost worse to have your latest up-to-date info be from a year or more in the past!  That is like opening your business and keeping the lights off and door locked.  It appears to potential customers that you may be closed. But it needs to be done creatively, and be current and consistent.  Now is the time to re-position your business, and look for new ways to create customers and customer loyalty.

It doesn’t take a lot of budget to have someone handle your online presence.  You invested a lot of money and time in your business, you should promote it – don’t rely on people just finding you by chance. Protect your invest and future. The shopping and dining habits of people change very easily, your loyal customers of the past can be loyal customers of a new business pretty quickly.

People are finding out every day that one or more of their favorite places have given up and closed for good.
Don’t let your business address be in NoWhereLand! 

More tips coming on What’s the difference between advertising and marketing – What Actually does Marketing mean? and more; plus some funny business stories to lighten things.

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…for business (and personal)  telephone conversations… in business, we all have those people we have to smile while talking to, even if it is a fake smile…so they cannot hear the tone of the aggravation.

One thing I learned years ago was  to be aware of is that phones do not immediately disconnect when you think you have hung up, especially older land-line phones with hand to ear receiver… I remember talking to an especially irritating advertiser, who had called to complain about one of my sales reps who wouldn’t do what the advertiser of those “I deserve better special deals than everyone else” people.

After I spent 10 minutes explaining that we could not do what he asked, and offering him some other pacifying options, we came to somewhat of an agreement…and… then I said “have a nice day…”  hung up, or at least thought I did, and said “YOU JERK!” which he of course heard.   Lesson learned, anything bad you have to say, say it in your head!  Sort of funny, in an, OH NO DID I JUST DO THAT way.

I will be sharing some stories and more tips – some mistakes and missteps, things I learned, sometimes the hard way, through the years.  Hope it helps some of you avoid making the same mistakes, and gives some insight and tips on how to do business with people day in and day out.