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FREEbuttonA semi-funny story, with a point that advertising salespeople can use. You can credit me or not (Jean Best, Best Marketing)  This is something I have used in my career in ad sales and as a sales manager for a couple of newspapers, radio stations, and ad agencies, both here in Raleigh area, as well as back in NYC.

Many sales people have business owners say their ads do not work OK, let me prove ads work!  Lets run an ad and give away a FREE item to first (10, 20, 100) customers. Absolutely FREE with the ad or mention of ad, BUT the salesperson gets to pick the item.  Here’s where you, as the salesperson, pick an expensive item, say for example a $300 TV.   The store owner, OF COURSE, will have a slight fit!  They usually then say – are you kidding ( Crazy!?) I’ll go broke giving away thousands of dollar$$ worth of products.  Let’s give a $1 or $2 item!

My answer was sooooo – you are saying the ad will work?!  IF the ad isn’t going to work, why is it a problem to advertise to give away an really expensive item? If the ad isn’t going to bring people in asking for the item, then why worry?smiley eyes

The point of this is, WHAT you advertise, not IF you advertise, makes the difference in response to advertising.

But, a word of caution, be careful how you say it – don’t make an enemy of the business owner.  Better to be laughing when you say it, and still get the point across.

This little story has resulted in closing many, many sales for me, and my sales staffs. Oh, and the use of the word FREE often and boldly helps too!