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This funny story has a moral – or least a few lessons to be learned – or maybe will just get a smile. Never assume, look before you leap, don’t believe everything you hear, get all the facts, some things are not as they appear, test the waters first…and on and on.  So many lessons learned from 1 little jump.

Years ago we were invited to visit some friends who lived on a hilltop, on a wooded lot. They told me they had a built in pool, with a cover, with a heater – so bring my bathing suit.  Got there, it was a cool late summer night in NY, cooler than the previous days had been, so outside temperature was probably under 70, maybe more like 60 degrees; I commented that the pool must be cold, even in summer being surrounded by and covered by so many trees.  They said, no it’s heated – so I put on my bathing suit and jumped in!

I came up yelling – OMG, I thought you had a heater.  It’s freezing!  They said – and here it is – Yep, we do have a heater, BUT IT’s NOT ON!

Moral – make sure you get all the info before making decisions.  This can be applied to life in general and business.  You should always learn from your mistakes – this was a cold slap in the face (and whole body) reminder! But it left a lasting impression and I learned a lesson from it. I now try to ask questions, and/or listen to others, gather the facts to make sure I have all the info before I do things, or form an opinion.

We all laughed about it.  It kind of became the joke whenever we were about to try something new.  We’d warn each with “it’s not on!”
And, yes, we did stay friends with them!

Have a happy weekend.