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Although 2020 has been a very strange year that will never be forgotten – life, and business, has to go on.  

It’s time for business entrepreneurs to #takestock – time to decide if and what business you want to keep, or what new business prospects to pursue in 2021.  With the past months of restaurant and retail restrictions, curfews, and general cut backs on spending and with Holiday shopping over – people are trying to get back to normal – if there is really a return to normal.  Most feel that we will have to accept a #newnormal, especially for businesses.

ALL businesses were affected and more of a negative impact has been, and is, being felt by small locally owned businesses.

It’s time to take stock and see if you can adjust your business services to fit with the lower budgets, and smaller number of clients to go around.  Owners will be much more careful of how and where, and with whom, they spend their limited budgets.

Look at what you offer in a new light– try to see it from the prospective of an owner who has a limited budget to spend.  See if YOU were doing the buying or contracting for services, would this be what you could afford and bring you the results you want?  While it’s still true that you have to spend money to make money – it does have to be a carefully thought out decision.

A lot of small local businesses have closed, and more will unfortunately close in the coming year . Make sure what you do business-wise is really what you want to be doing.   MANY entrepreneurs are looking at new services to offer.  If you can position your product or service to really help a business owner not only stretch his budget, but truly help keep them in business and eventually grow.  

We all need our salespeople, service people, entrepreneurs,  suppliers and small, locally owned businesses to help keep the local economy  thriving – we need to have all the $$$ we spend stay local.  

No one can actually tell you what to do in your business for the new year and changed conditions, you have to sort of “go with your gut” and not make decisions while in panic mode.

We have a few more days before business life starts back up the first full week of January.  Make plans. Make lists.  Then DO something – it is still better to do something, than nothing.


Here’s hoping and wishing we ALL have a better, healthy, happy 2021 both in our personal lives and careers – Happy New Year!