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MotivatedPpleThere are many, many different ways to #motivatepeople to work, especially salespeople.  Management knows you have to amp them up and get adrenal going to be able to cold call and sell – it applies to any type of work. Unmotivated is Unproductive!

If you’ve ever been in a sales position where you had to go out and cold call, walk in to businesses without an appointment and try to get time to present your product or service, you know how hard that first step can be.  There are more reasons NOT to walk in or call, than to just do it.

Here’s a story of how one method went a little too far and was sort of funny in a “you have GOT to be kidding” way. 

A memo was on everyone’s desk first thing one morning.  It said that spiderpeoplefaces“Giant Spiders” had been spotted in the offices and that exterminator was coming, but had strongly suggested people leave the building asap.  Oddly it seemed only the spiders were after the salespeople!  Management didn’t have to go out?

Someone had the not-so-bright idea that this memo, what they thought was funny, would get the sales team out early and motivated!

2 things happened, and neither was what management was hoping for. A salesperson that was on the phone getting closing a large contract was told to hang up and get out of the building due to the “Giant Spiders.” Having to hang up with no explanation, or the weird explanation, on a potential big buy did not help close the sale at all.

And, although the salespeople all left, they gathered at a local fast food place to complain about the whole issue. So the motivation turned into negative attitudes, a very hostile work environment, and was counterproductive to both the staff and management.

This was a case of not thinking it through and managing to get the exact opposite results than were expected. The giant cans of bug spray some of the salespeople put on their desks the next morning was kind of funny! 

Sometimes you have to think ideas through all the steps to the potential outcomes and decided if it is wort i.